1.) Why does first cleaning service cost more than subsequent cleaning services?

This is because it requires more time and effort than subsequent visits. Sometimes it takes us twice as much time and efforts. Since it is not likely that it has been cleaned recently, a lot of dirt would have accumulated in different parts of your house. Besides, old dirt or stain is usually more difficult to remove than new ones.

Hidden and difficult areas to clean like under your sofa will definitely have so much dust. Besides, it has become a common trend that very old dirt usually gets mixed with grease and this makes cleaning more difficult and more time-consuming. But this usually won’t be the case subsequent times.

2.) Is your company fully insured?

We are not only fully insured, we are also bonded because we want the best for you and your family. To underscore our claims, we can provide our insurance certificate on request.

3.) Do the same people come for every visit?

Yes, it is a normal practice within our organization that the same people should go to the same properties so as to build good relationship with you and for faster service as they would have mastered every part of your space. Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, the staff handling your property may not be available and we will have to send someone else. Be sure that whenever that happens, you will still be in safe hands. Either way, we will notify you if we are sending a different person to clean your property.

4.) What makes your cleaning business better than others?

Our prices are reasonable. They are relative lower than what most of our competitors charge. Secondly, our customer service team is available and accessible to all our clients through multiple channels.

Secondly, since our customers are the reason we are in business, we try our best to keep them happy. We ensure that all of them are always happy and satisfied so we get positive recommendations. Suffice to say the best and cheapest form of advertisement is positive recommendation from satisfied customers.

Thirdly, We can comfortably say we have more experience than most of our competitors due to our over-all time and experience in the cleaning business.

5.) Does someone have to be at he property while the cleaning is done?

At this point, it is necessary to let you know that all our employees are very honest and we have never encountered any theft issues since we have been operating here in Wisconsin.

6.) Can I cancel any scheduled visit?

Sure, you can. You are free to cancel any schedule visit for any reason. But you have to do it before our staff leaves office, otherwise it will attract a token. And when you cancel it, we won’t ask questions. We just adjust our schedule immediately.

7.) Do you come with your cleaning products and tools?

Yes, we do. We have been using our products for so many years. But we always upgrade our tools to be abreast of cleaning technology and to ensure that our clients get the best cleaning services.

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